Gigaman Promise – GigaMAN High-Speed Connectivity Guaranteed

Gigaman Promise – GigaMAN High-Speed Connectivity Guaranteed

The GigaMAN service enables customers and customers to take full advantage of their investment in broadband Ethernet networks. Gigaman’s Ethernet transport service offers a fiber optic connection between Ethernet switches and routers. Customers can take full advantage of the local network speed in the enterprise while data is transferred between locations. This service is able to transfer data over networks, allowing the sending of large files without reducing network performance. You are also not purchasing the hardware needed to convert your traffic to a wide area protocol. AT&T combines gigabit Ethernet switches with single-mode fiber on hand. They also install specialized fiber optic equipment for network termination devices. The GigaMAN website implements solutions that are able to meet the current needs and future possibilities.

The solutions offered by GigaMan Ethernet are ideal for most companies and educational institutions. It also comes in handy in organizations that require massive connectivity and networks. GigaMan solutions are perfect for any business with multiple locations in a common regional area. The traditional T1 bandwidth solution is simply not enough for larger business organizations. The GigaMan service offers consumers greater value for money through more intensive data and connectivity. It is very efficient for users. High-speed data transmissions important to mission-critical business applications are considered solved with GigaMAN, so you can really take advantage of them. Get access to ultra-fast internet connections as a clear advantage in GigaMan solutions.

With the Gigaman Ethernet internet solution, you can also get cost effective solutions. Not only can you connect your network with the known system and technology on the Internet, you can also expand your network to meet your company’s competitive bandwidth requirements. In fact, it has several benefits including providing secure transmission over the network to increase security and extending the network to meet increased bandwidth requirements, which has proven to be cost effective. You also don’t need to purchase hardware to convert traffic to WAN. There are three variants of the optimal variety of routes; interconnect center, alternating conductor center, and loop variety. This mechanism provides greater security. Finally, the GigaMAN circuit can be extended for more flexibility with single-mode fiber.

GigaMan is currently one of the most reliable high-speed network solutions available on the market of modern network solutions. High-speed Internet connectivity is capable of data transmission speeds of up to 1.0 gigabit per second, which is at least twenty-two times faster than DS3, and through an advanced fiber-optic network; really an innovation. Entrepreneurs who have operational network systems at hand avoid incurring additional costs, which is possible only thanks to the implementation of GigaMan solutions. GigaMan is very compatible with many network configurations. They can also be connected directly to your existing Gigabit switch and / or router for instant access to multiple GigaMan services.

Multiple network solutions in the same regional area are limited by a physical limit of limitations. But GigaMan solutions can create direct and very reliable connections between resolved locations. For this reason, GigaMan is the perfect solution for industries that require a high level of bandwidth, communication and cross-site connectivity.