What Is the Internet of Things?

What Is the Internet of Things?

There is a lot of hype right now about the Internet of Things (or IoT) and its impact on everything from the way we travel and shop to the way manufacturers track inventory. But what is the Internet of Things? How it’s working? And is it really that important?

What is the Internet of Things?

In short, this technology connects any device to the Internet and many other devices. Put simply, it is a complex web of interrelated things. This network collects and shares data and information.

The devices span multiple objects such as smart microwaves, autonomous cars, wearables, and complex sensors, just to name a few.

How it’s working?

Devices with embedded sensors connect to IoT platforms that integrate information and data from many commonly used devices. Then, advanced analytical tools are used to share useful information to meet specific needs.

IoT platforms can identify useful information and information that can be ignored. The information can then be used to identify patterns, suggestions, and pinpoint problems before they occur.

For example, if you are into car manufacturing, you may need to find optional and important parts.

Based on the insights and analyzes offered, you can easily streamline your processes. Moreover, intelligent systems and facilities can also help to automate some tasks, especially when they are inherently mundane, repetitive and time-consuming. Let’s take a look at some real-life examples.

Using IoT in your own home

Suppose you get up at 7am and go to your office. Like most people, you can set an alarm to wake you up at the right time. It works until something bad happens. For example, your train may be canceled. Now you have another problem. You must go to work, but you are already late. Worse, it starts to rain.

Now, if you are using an IoT alarm clock, it will stop automatically based on these factors. The clock will determine the distance you need to travel and suggest an alternative route.

IoT in your car

When you wake up to the alarm, you can go to work. You’re not just going to the garage. But what would you do if there was an emergency? If you have a car connected, your vehicle will share information with other people in the vehicle. Another component will collect data from the sensors and transfer them to the manufacturer’s platform. In addition, the manufacturer can use data from the vehicle to provide information that can be used to repair the car by sending the information to the nearest dealer.

In short, this is an introduction to the Internet of Things and how it can make your life easier. We hope you will be able to take full advantage of this technology in the future.

Source by Shalini Madhav