Top Strategies To Skyrocket Your Speed Reading Skills


Are there any unusual strategies needed to improve speed reading skills? What is speed reading at the end of the day, and why do people read fast? One surefire way to make sure you develop a speed reading habit is to make sure you need to speed reading. You tell yourself and do your best to fulfill this need. Speed ​​reading is a skill that you can really master only if you know how to do it. The solution is the strategies you use to achieve this skill.

The first step is to confirm the need for speed reading. Then tell yourself that you are ready to take the necessary steps to get the job done. Continue to practice these steps until you perfect your reading skills. Now we’re starting speed reading, but before we start, we want to ask this question?

How does my current reading speed compare to the speed of fast readers? To answer this question, you need to know your reading comprehension level and at what pace you are able to complete the reading exercise. We are continuing our speed reading exercise to test you now, are you ready? Let’s go:

Exercise: Read the entire article you are reading now and measure the time yourself.

When you are done, you will need to prepare a graph called a progress report. In it you will have the title of your reading. Then you want to include all your speed reading statistics in the content of the chart. This progress chart will help you gradually develop your reading skills as you exercise and exercise over time. This chart will also make you see a need to improve as you progress in speed reading.

T (seconds) / Words (minutes) / Understanding
Speed ​​reading result number 1 =
Quick Read Result Number 2 =

As you read, try to write down your observations as follows: Under the first result, write down the time it took to read this article. It will help you see how long it will take you to finish the article and also motivate you to read faster.

If you want to know how many words per minute it takes you to read, you need to count all the words in this article carefully. When finished, you will divide the total number of words by the time it took you to finish reading this article. For example. Let’s say the total number of words in this article is 800 words and it took you 3 minutes and 20 seconds to read it. Below are the math representations:

Time = 3×60 + 20 = 200 seconds

Words = 800
Words / Time = 800/200 = 4 words per second

or 4×60 = 240 words per minute.

As you keep track of this, you learn that it takes about one second to read four words or 240 words per minute. You can increase your speed by practicing and increase it to 10 words per second or more.

Now it is about speed reading, let’s move on to the second aspect of speed reading on the comprehension level. Understanding is your ability to fully understand the meaning of each activity of reading quickly. We will test your understanding of this article. Don’t feel bad even if you don’t get the correct answers, this is just an exercise to practice.

1. How can I start reading quickly?

2. What can I do to start speed reading first?

3. What is the next step after starting?

4.What third step do I need to take in speed reading?

5. What are the most common questions that may come to mind when speed reading?

6. How can record keeping with the Progress Chart help with my speed reading activity?

7. How important is understanding for speed reading?

Find the answers below:

1. Just start right away.

2. Convincing that I need to speed up my reading.

3. Introduce the necessary actions to start speed reading.

4. The third step is to get started, practice and practice more.

5. Questions like my reading ability currently compared with a professional speed reader.

6. Using the progress report will help you spot areas where you need to improve and you are working on improving them accordingly.

7. The main reason for speed reading is to understand any material in an extremely short time, therefore speed reading has two components; understanding and speed.

With all this being said, you should be able to fully achieve your speed reading skills if you apply the above skills, they are powerful and proven strategies that any quick reader can take advantage of and achieve blazing fast reading speeds. The only duty is to just try it out and the results will just amaze you.


Source by Joe Okoro

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