Reliasol predictive maintenance

Reliasol predictive maintenance

Discover the services of reliasol

reliasolAre you looking for information about a company called Reliasol? Would you like to know something about our services? This blog post is then for you. As far as our offering is concerned, it is based on a platform of prescriptive and predictive maintenance. It is a great way to make a production facility more efficient and to increase the financial benefits in the long term. The solution presented allows you to observe machines and predict failures. When a potential fault is detected, actions are planned and implemented to avoid it. The result is to minimise downtime and ensure production continuity. Our product can assess, analyse and recommend corrective actions. Furthermore, it ensures the optimisation of the operation and maintenance process.

The analytical engine gives us an advantage

reliasolThere is one thing that gives us an edge and is the strength of the platform described. This is the analytics engine, which works on the principle of creating predictive models and drawing conclusions. It can create a model using more than 20 machine learning methods. This is thanks to its knowledge of operational, production and measurement data and expertise. It pre-processes the data, then transforms and increases the quality level. The methods’ data are tailored to prescriptive and predictive issues in maintenance. For more information on Reliasol, visit.

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