Check Your Internet Service Speed With an Easy to Take Bandwidth Test

Ever since the Internet and personal computers found their way into homes around the world, people have talked about speed. Speed, as it refers to a computer connected to the Internet, refers to the time it takes to download or upload files over the Internet. While for some people these tasks can be quite time consuming, for others, downloading or uploading files is almost instantaneous as their service is so much faster.

Speed ​​is measured in kilobits per second

The speed at which your computer uploads or downloads data files is measured in (kilobits per second) and this is the download speed that affects most people. This is simply because it is a feature that most people use by far. Of course, if someone had spent all day transferring files, they would be more interested in this feature.

Test download and upload speed

In the past, testing the bandwidth of computer internet services was simply downloading a file of a certain size and timing it. To some extent this was sufficient, but doing it this way made it difficult to test the file transfer rate. Now, however, there are online services that give you a bandwidth test that effectively checks the speed of both procedures simultaneously.

Increase the speed of your internet services

The bandwidth test is performed by an online service that sends the computer a file, which the computer downloads and then sends back to the sender who performs the entire procedure. By doing it in this way, you get a complete and more accurate figure that can then be used in implementing changes that can increase the overall speed of the internet service. It is important to note that even if you are using a slow dial-up connection, there are now resources available to greatly speed up the service without changing the service.

Source by Jamie Charlesten