Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2018

Almost all digital marketers tend to practice having multiple balls at any one time. They constantly create strategies, successively conduct campaigns, and at the same time manage important communication channels. Fortunately, there are many digital marketing tools available online to help you manage your reordering task. The following

are the preferred digital marketing tools that all marketers should know about and use in 2018.

Website Strength Speed ​​Test

Potential and probable customers are looking for information as quickly as possible because people don’t have time, in case it takes more time, they won’t stay loyal to your site and will just switch to a competitor. Providing a good user experience is crucial, it starts with the user and first hand experience of the website. Conversion rates depend on the time that is wasted submitting the page. In fact, in case pages take longer than three seconds to load, bounce rates go up to 32%. That’s why it’s so important to have a website speed stress test monitoring tool. In case you find that your website traffic is lower or your bounce rates are higher, it’s time to recheck and

judge speed.

2. Deploy a site analysis tool

One of the best analytical insights is provided by Google Analytics. It’s easy to implement a small tracking code on all pages of your site, and access to site performance data is FREE. You can even monitor visitor demographics and location, compare page performance, pageviews, reasons for bounce, and more.

3. Managing customer relations in society Relationship management

Google alerts respond to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) i PRM (Partner Relationship Management) website requirements. It is very user friendly. All you need to do is create an alert for the selected or desired keyword. Google will send an email notification if any mention of a keyword appears on the Internet. If there is any mention of your product, the same can be found in a social media article. If any injuries are pouring out on you, you can take care of it.

4. Monitoring social media with the social media manager

Facebook also offers an in-house tool to manage the same, but nowadays social media contacts aren’t limited to just one platform like Facebook. It will be quite difficult to keep a balance in the publishing schedule, as well as monitor and review the results on various social media pages afterwards. Fortunately, there are a lot of management tools out there

available for purposes like

  • HootApartament
  • sprout sociable
  • Buffer

5. Implementation of conversion rate optimization tools

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a proven method of using analytics to progress Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on the website. The basic steps of the strategy are collecting relevant data, creating a measurable proposal, testing the assumptions, and evaluating the results to measure effectiveness.

6. Using a graphic design tool

Many small businesses do not have the resources to hire a full-time graphic designer or even outsource projects to external agencies. Canva gives anyone, regardless of their budget, access to beautiful graphic design templates.

7. Email marketing campaign wizard

Email marketing is one of the best and critically acclaimed mechanisms for implementing digital marketing strategies. Existing and prospective customers have consented to updates from you. Now is an opportunity to build trust and increase your conversion rates.

The right and right email marketing tool helps you customize templates, mechanize drip campaigns, and track results easily.

8. Using a general SEO tool

The tool should be used carefully to create a digital marketing strategy for maximum benefit. SEO or search engine optimization helps in controlling the content on your website and provides incentive for clicks. Using a general SEO tool offers services such as keyword research, competitor research, generated backlink analysis, PPC monitoring, etc.

Source by Sumit Kumar