Annex M – When You Need the Fastest Broadband Upload Speed

Appendix M – Faster uplink data

Most ADSL2 + internet connections in Australia operate in Appendix A, which allows a maximum upload speed of around 1 megabits per second. However, for many businesses and consumers, it just isn’t fast enough, and that’s where Annex M comes in.

Annex M is a technology that can transfer data at speeds up to 2.75 megabits per second – a fantastic feature for customers and a great development in the Australian broadband industry.

Australian Internet Service Provider Internode worked for over a year on the technical and administrative side to develop, test, ratify and register Annex M. Full legal registration took place on November 16, 2006.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering Attachment M

There are currently two providers in Australia that offer Annex M. Internode offers it on all of their SOHO and Business ADSL2 + and Naked DSL plans. It is not offered on any housing plans. It is also only available on exchanges where Internode has its own DSLAM and does not use a partner network such as Optus or Telstra. Internode provides Annex M for free on its SOHO and Business plans.

iinet also offers Annex M on its own ADSL2 + network. They charge a one-time activation fee of $ 49 for inclusion. Like Internode, iinet only offers Annex M on its business plans – for both ADSL2 + and Naked DSL.

Expected speeds from Annex M

As with all copper-based internet technologies, the actual upload speed achieved depends on the quality of the link, distance from the telephone exchange, and other factors. iinet gives expected speeds of 1.6 to 2.75 megabits per second and Internode gives typical speeds of 1.6 to 2.2 megabits per second.

Whether you’re using VoIP on multiple lines, sending large files, or using videoconferencing, Attachment M provides the answer to removing some artificial Internet speed limits to give you much faster upload speeds. Check it out today!

Source by Luke Howes