A Modern Internet Test Can Now Determine the Precise Speed of Your Service

How fast is your website? Even if it’s the fastest service available today, such as broadband, high-speed cable, wouldn’t you be a surprise to learn that you can speed it up? However, the first step before you can make and measure any improvements in the speed of the service is to determine what speed you are at now.

More precise internet test

In the past, people who were curious about the speed of their internet services did some sort of “home test”. It was done simply by downloading a data file of a certain size and duration of the process. That was fine, but there was, and still is, one big downside to this method, which is that it doesn’t measure upload speed.

Your total speed

The good news is that there are now online services that can run a web test that will measure the timing of both procedures. This is done by sending a bundle of data files, which the computer will download and then send back to them immediately. They measure the time of the entire procedure, and the end result is the “total” speed of your website.

Increase your speed

Why would you even test your speed? The reason you need to start this web test is to have a starting point to evaluate any improvements. This is because the same services can give you all the latest information and software that is currently being deployed to increase the speed of internet services.

Stay updated

This means that the first web test you run will not be the last as others will need to be performed to determine the impact of various upgrade procedures on the speed of your web service. While you may feel like you have enough speed now, the fact is that you may be lagging behind technologically as time goes on.

Source by Jamie Charlesten