Advantages of using an automated storage system

Advantages of using an automated storage system

Automated storage system saves time and space

automated storage systemWarehouse logistics can now be greatly facilitated by solutions such as the automated storage system, in which case automatic shelf loading systems are used so that we can carry out work quickly. The big advantage of automation is that it saves time, and we can also reduce the number of people needed to work in the warehouse. All we need is an operator to operate the overhead crane or other equipment that will carry out the loading and unloading of long goods. This also saves space compared to traditional warehouse handling methods. Using an automated storage system also increases safety, heavy goods are handled automatically and do not have to be removed by forklifts, which could increase the risk of accidents.

Automated storage systems and CNC machines

automated storage systemTherefore, nowadays in many companies, automated storage systems are used in warehouses, these are feeders that can work together with CNC laser cutting machines. In this case, a wire or tube can be automatically removed from the shelf, which then goes to the laser cutting machine, in this way the employee can pick up a wire of a certain length. In addition, the automated storage system can also work with shelves handling large metal panels. In this case, a CNC laser or waterjet cutting machine can easily cut the desired shape. Automated storage systems offer many advantages, in this way we optimise logistics in production companies, a large metal item can go into production quickly, and it can be cut right away. This eliminates some of the processes involved in preparing the material for the production line.

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